Meet James, the dynamic founder and President of Capital Billing, where compassion meets expertise. With a knack for all things Medical Billing, Credentialing, and the A-Z of launching a new practice, James has been the guiding force behind numerous physicians' successful ventures.

James is also the CEO / Founder of Rone Health, an Integrative and Concierge Medicine Group in Atlanta, Georgia.

But James isn't just about business; he's a passionate advocate for growth, both for his team and his clients. He's all about sharing knowledge, encouraging skill development, and fostering an environment where everyone thrives, knowing that their success is intertwined with the client's triumph.

When he's not revolutionizing the medical billing landscape, James can be found in Atlanta, grilling up a storm in his backyard oasis. A true maestro of the grill, he loves nothing more than hosting lively gatherings with friends and family, showcasing his culinary prowess. And let's not forget his love for soccer; you'll often find him passionately cheering on Atlanta United and Chelsea F.C.

Beyond the grill and the game, James is deeply involved in his community. As a member of Vistage and the Chair of Wholesome Wave GA, he's dedicated to making a positive impact. Serving on the Board of New American Pathways and being a member of prestigious organizations like AHIMA, AMBA, HFMA, and GFMA, James is not just a leader in business but also a pillar of his community. At home, he's a loving husband to his wife and proud father to two sons, bringing his warmth and leadership into his family life as well.


Meet Achsha, the powerhouse leading the charge at Capital Billing as both CEO and COO! With her finger on the pulse of every aspect from RCM to software management, client relations to staff morale, she's the mastermind behind our seamless operations.

Achsha's not just about overseeing; she's a hands-on problem-solving wizard, turning complexities into solutions with ease. Whether she's brainstorming with the team or strategizing with clients, her knack for simplification is unparalleled.

With over 15 years in Healthcare Management, Achsha's expertise is the cornerstone of our success. But outside the boardroom, she's a domestic diva, finding joy in organizing, whipping up delectable dishes, and harmonizing with her daughter. Achsha resides with her husband and daughter, cherishing every moment of family life alongside her professional pursuits.

Achsha is not just about business; she is deeply rooted in her community, spreading positivity and efficiency wherever she goes. So, if you need a dash of inspiration, a sprinkle of innovation, or just a catchy tune to brighten your day, Achsha's your go-to gal!


Meet Bharat, the multitasking marvel who wears two hats with flair as the VP of Operations and Revenue Cycle! With his wizardry in billing, reporting, and revenue cycles, he's our secret weapon for maximizing cash flow while keeping our client relationships sparkling.

From collaborating with Upper Management to strategizing with Account Managers, Billing Team, and Clients, Bharat's expertise ensures our revenue flow is always in harmony.

But Bharat's talents extend far beyond the boardroom. As a newlywed, he's savoring every moment of marital bliss with his beautiful wife. When he's not conquering the business world, Bharat is off on thrilling adventures, exploring new destinations and whipping up culinary masterpieces in the kitchen.

And let's not forget his artistic side! With a keen eye for photography, Bharat captures life's most precious moments through his lens, while his love for music and movies adds an extra dose of excitement to his downtime.

So whether he's crunching numbers or whipping up a storm in the kitchen, Bharat brings his infectious energy and passion for life to everything he does, making every day an adventure worth celebrating.


Meet Michele, the magician behind the scenes at Capital Billing, where keeping clients delighted is her specialty! As our VP of Client Services, she's the ultimate listener, ensuring every question is answered, every need met, and every frown turned upside down.

But Michele's role doesn't stop there; she's also our beloved mama bear, tirelessly ensuring everyone feels cared for and supported. Need a pick-me-up? Just give Michele a call, and she'll sprinkle some magic into your day!

When she's not spreading joy at work, Michele is living her best life in Atlanta with her husband, surrounded by a lively brood of four kids and eight adorable grandkids. An avid reader and movie enthusiast, she's not ashamed to admit her love for cartoons, especially when her grandkids are around! And with a passion for travel, Michele's always ready for her next adventure, making every moment count with her infectious positivity and warmth.


Meet Sue, our Credentialing and Finance Manager! From wrangling contracts to orchestrating enrollment maintenance, Sue is the expert behind the scenes at Capital Billing, ensuring our credentialing services shine like a beacon nationwide. But wait, there's more! She's also the captain of our bookkeeping ship, ensuring smooth sailing with her keen eye for checks and balances.

When she's not conquering the corporate world, you'll find Sue at home, ruling her domain with her husband and her dynamic duo of dogs: a loyal black Labrador and an energetic brown Boxer. But her secret power? She's a gaming guru and a computer-building aficionado, turning downtime into high-score victories and tech marvels.


Meet VT: Vartika Tiwari, our Quality Assurance Officer! With a personality as vibrant as a kaleidoscope and a knack for unraveling the toughest of puzzles, VT is the heartbeat of our QA team. Her infectious laughter can turn even the dreariest Mondays into a fiesta, and her charm is as potent as her QA skills. When she's not meticulously ensuring our products exceed expectations, you'll find her globe-trotting, sampling every cuisine under the sun with the zeal of a true food aficionado. And don't be fooled by her love for quality control—she's equally passionate about reruns of "F.R.I.E.N.D. S" and bonding over cartoons with her nephew during downtime. VT embodies the perfect blend of professionalism and playfulness, making her our ultimate go-to gal for all things QA. Cheers to VT, our quality assurance superhero, keeping our billing precise, our spirits high, and our office a brighter, better place to be!


Meet Ginger, our Client Success Executive, a dynamic force driving our Client Success team forward and orchestrating our Billing and Coding squads with precision and finesse. With decades of experience in practice management and a proven track record of steering Billing teams towards triumph, Ginger stands as the cornerstone of our Billing and Coding endeavors.

But beyond her professional prowess, Ginger's true passion lies in embracing the wonders of nature. As an avid nature enthusiast, she finds solace amidst the sprawling landscapes of Atlanta. Whether she's navigating tranquil waters on a boat or patiently angling for the perfect catch, Ginger's affinity for the outdoors shines through as she basks in the sun, immersing herself in the tranquility of fishing.

Yet, Ginger's dedication extends far beyond her love for nature. She is deeply entrenched in her community, notably through her active involvement with the local Special Olympics. With a heart brimming with warmth and boundless energy, Ginger not only ensures success for our clients within the office but also radiates positivity wherever she ventures. Alongside her husband and son, Ginger resides as a beacon of inspiration, both personally and professionally.


Meet Ambi, the whirlwind of energy, our youngest but mighty Client Success Executive! With a passion for learning and a knack for simplifying processes, Ambi is the driving force behind our Billing Team's success, providing guidance and training with boundless enthusiasm.

But Ambi's not just about work; his spirit is infused with a love for adventure; he thrives on exploring new frontiers and seeking out exhilarating experiences. When he's not embarking on daring escapades, you'll find him soaking up knowledge through informative videos, expanding his horizons one click at a time.

With his infectious curiosity and dedication to growth, Ambi brings a breath of fresh air to our team, making every day an exciting journey towards success. So, whether he's streamlining workflows or exploring the world from his laptop screen, Ambi is always on the move, eager to conquer new frontiers and share his discoveries with the world.


Meet Marco, our resident wizard of numbers and data analysis at Capital Billing! As our Credentialing Specialist and Data Analyst, he's the maestro behind the scenes, ensuring we're always ahead of the game with our clients. From crunching the digits to tracking the metrics that matter, Marco's got it all covered.

When he's not busy being the go-to guy for all things data, you can find Marco kicking it with his lovely wife. He's a die-hard soccer fan, with a soft spot for watching the Premier League. And yes, we tease him relentlessly for being an Arsenal FC devotee—but hey, it's all in good fun!

Oh, and did we mention Marco's culinary skills? He's not just a numbers guy; he's also a pro in the kitchen, baking fresh bread weekly and rocking it in cookie drives with his irresistible treats!

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