Our Management Team

Capital Billing Services is a leader in Healthcare and revenue cycle management.

With over 30 years of Healthcare experience, Capital Billing Services brings together a team of highly trained RCM and Credentialing experts with a core purpose of Making Healthcare Affordable by streamlining and simplifying Revenue Cycle Management.

Capital Billing Services was established in 2008 as a consulting company. Our goal was to help Doctors and their staff navigate the complicated world of revenue management. Our team helped new and existing providers set up processes and procedures with patients and insurance companies to ensure no revenue would go uncollected.

In our first year we set up two (2) Urgent Care Centers in Villa Rica GA and Carrollton GA. We also worked with a large Orthopedic Group in Atlanta where we grew their revenue by 30% in our first year of working with them. Since then we have assisted multiple practices across the country set up revenue processes.

As the need for our services grew, Capital Billing expanded its services to become a RCM company which include Billing and Credentialing services.

Our team is based in Atlanta GA and most recently New York City.

A word from one of our clients.

I am an orthopaedic surgeon and was owner and founder of Choice Care Occupational Medicine and Orthopaedics. We had a large practice with 5 locations in the metro Atlanta area. We had constant billing and collection issues until James joined and headed our team. He was excellent in negotiating contracts with insurance companies and great expertise in all aspects of billing and collections. He pulled our B/C team together and helped hire the right people. He made a very definite impact on our revenue. I also found James to be very ethical, honest , conscientious and exceptionally knowledgeable. I would highly recommend and trust James to take care of billing /collection issues and negotiating insurance contracts.

Dr. Ish Khan

Choice Care Occupational Medicine.

Capital Billing Services was formed by James K Irungu in 2008. James started in the Healthcare industry working for Hollis Cobb Associates, a leading collections company where he worked as an Insurance resolution specialist. It was at this position where James realized many of the patients who had been placed in collections and had insurance, did not actually owe those amounts but their insurance companies did. This light bulb moment put James on the path to help Make Healthcare Affordable.

Since then, James held different positions with small to large practices gaining experience in all matter’s insurance and RCM. Under his leadership, Capital Billing Services has grown to be a leading Billing and Credentialing provider.

A word from one of our clients.

James and his team work their hardest to make sure your practice has a seamless experience with your billing and practice management. His team is a trusted advisor in everything related to billing and EHR software, providing constant updates and the latest in coding changes. Our billing partner, Dione was exceptional to work with. She stayed on top of our rejections and provided timely feedback on our claims processing. Very trustworthy company and partners in practice management!

Thomas Biddle

Advanced Practice of Columbus

Our Purpose:

Making Healthcare Affordable by ensuring providers get paid for each claim and patients only pay what they owe.

Our Niche:

Simplifying Revenue Cycle management processes.

Our Guarantee:

Every claim worked.

Our Uniques:

  • We become your partners.
  • Client – Client referrals.
  • We are specialty Based.

Does your Practice suffer from any of the following pains?

  • Credentialing issues or lack of proper credentialing.
  • Unmanaged / Out of control Receivables.
  • Poor communication / or lack of, with client’s patients.
  • Incorrect Billing / Coding and accounts not worked daily
  • Long term Billing and software contracts
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Do your patients have a hard time getting their Billing questions answered?
  • Reports and meetings / Accessibility to billing your company.

Our Credentialing Proven Process:

Solution to your credentialing needs

We look forward to assisting and helping with your credentialing needs. Please call us at 877-614-5227 or email us at the Contact us page..