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Navigating the Storm: How Capital Billing Services Overcame the Change Healthcare Cyber-Attack

In the fast-paced world of healthcare billing, disruptions can have far-reaching consequences. When Change Healthcare, a prominent player in the medical billing landscape, faced a cyber-attack, it sent shockwaves throughout the industry. Amid the chaos, Capital Billing Services found itself at the forefront of a challenging situation, with the imperative to ensure that their clients' revenue streams remained uninterrupted. This is the story of how we navigated through uncertainty and emerged victorious.

The Challenge Unfolds

Change Healthcare's cyber-attack impacted a vast array of healthcare providers, including nearly all of our clients, except for our Worker's Compensation-only clientele. Each client had their own unique set of challenges, intensified by the diverse range of practice management (PM) software they employed. From dermatology clinics utilizing EZDERM to Physical Therapy clients using Open Practice to Behavioral Therapy clients using TherapyNotes, the disruption was felt across the board.

The Proactive Approach

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Capital Billing Services swiftly sprang into action. Knowing that traditional avenues might be paralyzed, we adopted a proactive stance. We engaged closely with PM software providers to identify alternative clearinghouses that could circumvent the Change Healthcare issue temporarily.

Manual labor became the order of the day. Our team rolled up their sleeves, reverting to methods reminiscent of the pre-automation era. Any claims that could be manually entered and submitted through portals like Availity, Palmetto, or Cigna were promptly entered and followed up on to ensure the carrier received the claim for processing. Moreover, Capital Billing Services expedited the onboarding process with Office Ally, allowing for another avenue for manual claim submissions.

Internal Restructuring and Team Resilience

Internally, Capital Billing Services underwent a restructuring to align with the demands of the situation. Everyone at CBS embraced the challenge with passion, making sure claims are reaching the respective carriers became the top priority. Despite numerous hurdles, our priority remained constant– ensuring our clients to focus on patient care while their financial lifelines remained intact.

Softwares like EZDERM which serves our Dermatology clients, initiated an alternative clearinghouse through Availity Essentials Pro. Capital Billing Services swiftly facilitated the transition, ensuring that the necessary EDI paperwork was promptly completed. This agile response allowed submiThatting claims without any further delay.

Embracing Manual Labor with Finesse

In the face of persistent challenges, Capital Billing Services showcased resilience by seamlessly integrating manual labor into our workflow. While ERAs remain a challenge in several PM software platforms, our team adeptly retrieve EOBs from portals, ensuring that reconciliation and posting continued without interruption.

The Power of a Reliable Team

Throughout this tumultuous period, Capital Billing Services witnessed the true strength of our team. Each member demonstrated unwavering commitment and resourcefulness. Their collective efforts ensured that clients received the support they needed during a time of uncertainty.

In challenging times like these, having a billing company like Capital Billing Services handling your billing proves invaluable. Unlike in-house teams with fixed costs, partnering with us means you only pay when you profit. Billing companies are driven to maximize claim reimbursement, ensuring clients' financial health aligns with theirs. This shared interest fosters a dedicated partnership, especially evident during crises, where Capital Billing Services tirelessly works to safeguard revenue streams, providing reassurance and confidence to clients.


In the aftermath of the Change Healthcare cyber-attack, Capital Billing Services emerged as a beacon of resilience and adaptability. Through proactive measures, internal restructuring, and unwavering teamwork, we successfully navigated through turbulent waters. As the industry continues to evolve, this experience stands as a testament to the importance of preparedness, agility, and the power of a dedicated team.

Client Feedback

The team at Capital Billing Services, during that Change Healthcare cyberattack that significantly and adversely affected the finances of my practice, went above and beyond, meticulously sending out claims manually (a tall feat for a busy dermatology practice), manually tracking down EOBs, and getting set up in various portals. I don't know what I would have done without their expertise, tireless efforts, and meticulous attention. Because of these qualities, my practice was able to recoup held-up funds to facilitate it running smoothly. I am very grateful for such a wonderful team! - Adaobi N. Obasi MD PhD