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Dr. Ish Khan was introduced to Capital Billing Services by one of our Billing clients. CCOM had 5 locations at the time and an internal Billing/Collections Department. The practice had just transitioned to a new Combined Medical Records and Billing Software. The practice was fast-growing and one of the leading Occupational Medicine practices in Georgia.


During our meeting, Dr. Khan explained what his needs were and the services the company needed. The intention was to keep the Billing in-house but the team needed help resolving some Billing and collections issues that they had. The issues that needed assistance were:

  • Proper coding.
  • Implementation of the new EHR system.
  • Management of the Insurance AR.
  • Review and negotiate insurance contracts
  • Credentialing review and maintenance.
  • Interview and vet candidates.

CCOM was an Occupational Medicine practice with 100% of Billing to Workers Compensation Insurance Carriers and no Patient Responsibility. The Billing was also mostly on paper since ALL claims medical records attached. This meant high volume and much attention to detail.

The Plan:

The initial plan was to meet with each individual biller and collector including department heads to understand their process and their roles. Next, review past claims, coding and documentation to ensure claims were being entered correctly. This process entailed reviewing AR and trends and see what was causing claims to be rejected or denied. The final part was to review each insurance contract, rates, coverage restrictions and specific billing requirements. Several Outdated and expired contracts were identified for renewal. Systems were established to enhance accountability and minimize errors.


Working with each individual team member, efficiency measures were implemented, and goals set. Any issues limiting the staff from achieving their day-to-day goals were addressed. We trained the staff on the areas of weakness and helped in enhancing their strengths.

In reviewing past billing, we found deficiencies in coding, under coded services and completely missed coding for services provided. We implemented a new coding system and billed out test claims to verify our coding practices. We worked with the Physicians on documentation and detailing all services provided. This was very productive as it ensured all claims were well supported by documentation.

The insurance contract review process was also very beneficial. Insurance payments are based on agreed contract rates. These rates re – negotiated up and all providers were properly credentialed. This greatly increased the revenue stream that would have been otherwise lost.

Workers Compensation contracts are based on a State Workers compensation Fee schedule (that is) set by each state. This Fee schedule is also updated every year which requires close monitoring If the Billing Department does not update the new increased rates there is significant unnecessary revenue loss.

In this case we renegotiated all contracts, renewed any expired contracts and updated new fee schedule which instantly increased reimbursement.


CCOM grew to be one of the largest Occupational Medicine practices in Georgia. The Billing/Collection team was able to reduce the practice AR by almost 95%. The new EHR system was implemented which automated the billing process and reduced paper billing. Production targets and accountability systems were set. All these changes lead to a sustained, smooth operating, motivated and a most productive billing and collections department the company had experienced.

“ As a Billing company, we can provide consulting services to your practice. This may provide an In - House billing option instead of outsourcing it. We helped and worked with Dr. Khan and CCOM while keeping their Billing in house. Our success was in adapting and understanding CCOM and their processes. This was a great experience for CBS and the results were amazing ”

- James Irungu


“ I am an orthopedic surgeon and was owner and founder of Choice Care Occupational Medicine and Orthopedics. We had a large practice with 5 locations in the metro Atlanta area. We had constant billing and collection issues until James joined and headed our team. He was excellent in negotiating contracts with insurance companies and great expertise in all aspects of billing and collections. He pulled our B/C team together and helped hire the right people. He made a very definite impact on our revenue. I also found James to be very ethical, honest, conscientious and exceptionally knowledgeable. I would highly recommend and trust James to take care of billing /collection issues and negotiating insurance contracts ”

- Dr. Ish Khan

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