Arise Psychiatric Medical Group – The importance of correct credentialing.

Arise Psychiatric Medical Group Inc. was founded by Dr. Lui, Dr. Ma and Dr. Setare with the goal to produce a patient-centered, multi-discipline, pleasant practice environment for psychiatrists. They are at the forefront of both cutting edge treatment and medical technology.


When Dr. Ma reached out to Capital Billing Services they were searching not only for a new billing company but a company that could help address multiple challenges presented to them, among these challenges, they needed to find a company with the credentialing experience and a new billing software that could stay in house since their previous billing company had total control over the software.

Some of these Challenges were:

  • Denied Claims
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Patient communication
  • User friendly software
  • Decreasing AR turnover

As psychologists, the providers were not familiar with how their contracts were set up on the insurance side and it caused claim denials and patient out of pocket fees.


Our Credentialing team reviewed each one of the existing contracts the providers had and found multiple inconsistencies, such as contract fee schedules being different from one provider to another, also we had to submit new credentialing requests and demographic updates to ensure all the providers were properly credentialed since the credentialing applications that were submitted by the previous company was either missing some providers all together or parts of important information needed to complete the credentialing process.

This also helps to maintain insurance directories up to date for patients to find the proper care.

Once all the credentialing issues were resolved, the Billing team started working on the AR and updating ongoing billing. Any issues were discussed with the client’s clinical team to ensure they were aware of any coding issues. This is an integral part of our service as we always discuss any changes or updates in coding guidelines with the clinical team.


We found a software that avoids complicated workflows in the front office and simplifies the billing process for the back office so the providers could get back to what matters most, patient care.

“ The success of this partnership has been that we understood Harriet and Integrated Therapy’s vision, purpose and mission from the get-go. Our values matched. We are able to continue tailoring our services to match the practice needs and offer unparalleled quality services. Our entire team is glad to call this amazing organization our family and partner. ”

- James Irungu


“ Working with James and Capital Billing has catapulted us from a being an average small business to an efficient machine with pleasant patient interfaces a priority. James recognizes that excellent and polite customer services is reflection of us both. Running a healthcare practice involves many ever-changing regulations, onboarding of staff and facilities and problem solving. James is always available and is prepared to roll up his sleeves and research a solution. End of the year reviews are thoughtful and strategic and allow us to position ourselves competitively. The most recent test involved how we responded to the Pandemic successful keeping our patients and staff safe with the ability to transition back to providing aquatic physical therapy effortlessly. The software James utilizes provides meaningful reporting for marketing, productivity and isolate targeted issues and accomplishments. Our trust in James exceeds beyond day to day operations. He and his team have created a culture for continued growth and a strong friendship! He is irreplaceable! ”

- Harriet Adams

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